Free Shipping To USA & Europe Description: Somewhere in the world, a valley resides with mystery and magic. Guarded by mountains, reaching for the sky, The moon casts a warm glow over the horizon, He arrived at the rising of the moon and witnessed the beauty of the view, Within his mind, the moment found its embrace, he settled down, giving the valley a name "El Valle de LA LUNA", The Valley of The Moon While wandering, he was guided by dazzling and beautiful scents, The journey of uncovering the captivating treasure began, To blend a fragrance with the spirit and splendour of this enchanting place, Resonating with woody scents mixed with the aroma of fruit and the essence of amber. Inspired by whispers of the valley's call. A name emerged to encompass it all "LA LUNA VALLY" To a passionate creation, forever held dear. A scent that lives on, a memory to keep, A masterpiece born from an exceptional encounter unlikely to recur. Family: Oriental Ambery Woody Key Notes: - Top Notes: Incense, Raspberry, Apricot - Heart Notes: Cotton Candy Notes, Sandalwood, Guaiacwood - Base Notes: Patchouli, Tonka, Amber

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